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Finding the right co-driver is not an easy task. 2 drivers sharing a small space 24/7, 300 days per year, well, you get the picture.  This site is made available to solo truck drivers who are tired of being alone on the big road and seriously are seeking someone to share the road and the driving with.

The ideal team mate is a truck driver that is part of the same family. Money made for miles run is shared for expenses and bills at home.  However same family team running is not always possible.

Choosing a co-driver is daunting but can be successful if you use common sense and get to know what seems to be a suitable  candidate before you 'hook up' the trailer together, forgive the pun. TruckerCupid.com, sister to this site, is a G-rated personals service just for the trucking industry. Many of the members are in search of a team driver. That's why the search on this page hooks into TruckerCupid.com's search. So! go ahead and use the search here. It's free and it's a serious effort on the part of the owner of both services to help solo truck drivers, who want a team mate, to find one. We wish you success!

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Crushing Cones
Written by Ellen Voie
for those who want to be well informed before going to CDL school.
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